Fat Canadian housewife gets fingered and then bent over and fucked

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This curvy housewife is from Nova Scotia, Canada and she’s a horny milf that loves fucking around with men younger then herself. She’s happily married but with a loving husband her understands his wife’s hunger for sex and let’s her fuck whom ever she likes and today she’s fucking a young man she met on Facebook. Of course, being a love husband and a cuckold her husband is there to record his wife getting troubled by this young hard man.

She’s a very beautiful wife with a pretty smile and you wouldn’t think this everyday soccer Mom has such an appetite for young cock but you can never judge a book by its cover as is the case here. She’s dressed to impress too; wearing a black skirt and black stockings. Sher lets her Facebook lover take full control, his muscular hands pulling down her skirt as her kisses her fat ass cheeks. He turns her around and gently pulls down her knickers, his fingers then start to caress her bald pussy, smooth, wet and eager to be filled. She moans a lot and loves the sound of dirty words. He finger bangs this desperate wife furiously, you can here the squelch of her pussy. When he pulled his fingers from inside her they were covered in her thick white cream. He demanded that she get on the bed on her hands and knees. Climbed on behind her and put himself inside her. She took his whole thick, hard cock right to his balls. It took her breath away and she looked at her husband as it to tell him how big her loves cock was and that she was thankful for letting her fuck him.


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